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Here at KOS, we recognize the importance of safety and ingredient purity to ensure we are providing complete transparency with our KOS Customers. We wanted to give you the heads up on how KOS products make their way from a single pea to a heavenly shake, blend, or capsule. KOS products are manufactured in a facility that may process tree nuts, peanuts, and wheat, along with other allergens. 

This is what we do to minimize cross-contamination:  

  • To ensure our products adhere to our high-quality standards we take many precautions to limit the possibility of cross-contamination. All KOS products are manufactured and processed with strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices. This includes standard and sanitizing procedures that are strictly enforced and verified through our rigid HACCP plan as well as through internal auditing, dedicated sanitation personnel, separation of materials in sealed compartments, and Equipment/ Machinery sanitation with confirmation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) tests. All materials are stored sealed and in a manner that minimizes the risk for cross-contamination between different materials.
  • We are confident the risk of cross-contamination is extremely low and would meet the most stringent regulatory or customer standards.

Please note: Most KOS products are cultivated free of gluten and free of peanut ingredients. Be sure to check each product listing to verify which products fit your regime by viewing the safety badges located on each product page. 

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