As the pandemic continues, we’re experiencing a steady increase in online order volume. This makes perfect sense. Our product is, among many other things, an immune system booster—and at a time when the immune system has a lead role to play in the corner we all hope the world will soon be turning.

As our order volume increases, please know we’ll continue shipping as efficiently and quickly as the supply chain allows. Please also understand that circumstances may cause some orders to experience longer delays than those to which you’re accustomed.

The procedures we’re working with are dynamic and ever-changing. Occasionally, orders containing 2 or more items may be separately packaged and shipped - your single order of several items arriving in separate deliveries on separate days. Please be assured you can expect your items to arrive within 48 hours of your original stated delivery date.  

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We’ll be sure to communicate any significant delays with you using the email address that you enter at checkout.

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