Troubleshooting signing into the mobile app?


Our team has identified a bug in one of our recent Android app releases causing issues while logging in. The good news is, we’ve already corrected the issue and are asking all Android users to do the following steps:

Delete/uninstall their current version of the App (no data will be lost in this process)

Install version 7.8.0 of the App (available now in the Google Play Store)

Need help deleting and reinstalling the mobile app? Follow the instructions below.

How to Delete and Reinstall the App:

  • More often than not, when a new version of the app is released, all you need to do is download the new update. But from time to time, it may be necessary to delete and then reinstall the app. 
  • Because all of your trainer, client, and account data is stored in a secure cloud, deleting the app from your phone will not cause you to lose any data. Once the app is reinstalled, your information is downloaded from the cloud and synced to your device once again. 
  • Follow these step-by-step instructions to delete and reinstall the KOS App:

iOS Devices

1. Locate the KOS App on your iOS device. Tap and hold on the app icon until a small "x" appears and the icon begins to move, or the device gives you options to share, delete or edit home screen.

2. Tap the "x" or "remove app". A message will appear that says "Delete KOS Wellness App? Deleting the app will also delete its data." 

Tap "Delete". Then either tap "Done" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 

3. Navigate to the Apple App Store and type "KOS Wellness" into the search bar. Locate the App and tap the cloud icon to reinstall the app.

4. Once the download has completed, tap "Open" and log into the app using your KOS app account username and password. Your data will automatically sync and the app is now ready to use again. 

Android Devices

1. Locate the App on your Android device. Tap and hold on the app icon until a set of options appears and the icon begins to move. Select the "Uninstall" button. The screenshot below is an example of a Samsung device and other Android devices may be different, however, the idea is the same. Tap and hold the app, and options will appear.

3. Navigate to the Google Play Store and type "KOS Wellness" into the search bar. Locate "KOS Wellness" and tap the "Install" button to reinstall the app. 

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