Is KOS tested for heavy metals?


Yes, all KOS Products are thoroughly screened for a full spectrum of contaminants, including heavy metals.

KOS protein contains more than a dozen ingredients, each of which is subjected to an individual screening—as is the whole of the batch—in both pre and post-production phases. This full-spectrum screening for contaminants and heavy metals is managed in strict accordance with USDA Organic and CCOF compliance standards.

Please note that any raw organic multiple-ingredient-based product will show minutely varying results from batch to batch. These results, however, will always fall within USDA Organic compliance standards.

KOS products are processed in a partner facility in southern California that employs roughly 140 employees. The facility holds the highest level of certification you can obtain from the NSF. These certifications include GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GMP for Sports Nutrition, Informed Choice, USDA, CCOF, Halal, and Kosher designations.

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