How do I set up or change my password and account?


Create Password

Step One: You will receive a welcome email promoting you to set your password and set up account. Please check your promotions and spam folders as it may go there.

Step Two: Enter in your stats & preferences

Once you have set up your password, you will be asked to fill out your body stats and preferences.

Complete consultation form

Step Three: Fill out the consultation form. This will only take a few minutes, please be sure to fill out and submit in one sitting. We can not retrieve or save an unfinished veresion and would need you to start from the beginning.

Download the app

Step Four: Once you have completed all the previous steps you will then be automatically directed to download our app. Please select your operating system below for quick reference:

Change or Forgot Password

Step One: Open the KOS Wellness App from your phone and select "I forgot my password"

Step Two: Enter in registration email address and select "find my account" to receive an email with instrctions to reset your passord. Be sure to check your promotions and spam folder as the email may go there.

*Please note: You must be registered in a KOS Wellness program for the app to work or to reset your password. If you need help registering for one of our KOS Wellness programs, please let us know!

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