How do I sign up?


We are thrilled you are interested in signing up for one of our KOS Wellness programs! If you have already downloaded our app, please follow the below instructions for access! If you have not downloaded it, no worries, you will be promoted to do so in your confirmation email.

Step One:

Sign up for the 5-Day Holiday Hustle. To make things easy, feel free to use your same email used for your current KOS account!

Step Two:

Recieve welcome and confirmation emails with instructions to set up your account and password. Be sure to check your spam and promotion tabs as they may end up there.

Step Three:

Fill out the consultation form. This will only take a few minutes, please be sure to fill out and submit in one sitting. We can not retrieve or save an unfinished veresion and would need you to start from the beginning.

Step Four:

Once you have completed all the previous steps you will then be automatically directed to download our app (if you have not done so already). Please select your operating system below for quick reference.

*If you have already purchased a Wellness Program from us and are returning or purchasing a new one, the program will simply be added to your KOS app automatically and you do not need to set up a new account!

Step Five:

Commit to our program, practice all the KOS pillars, continue to thrive and live your best life with us!

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