Capsules vs Powder: which should I choose?


We offer both powders and capsules so our customers can have as much or as little as they need. Our capsules are a more convenient way to take our powders and our large tubs of powder are typically purchased by customers who are looking to use our supplements in cooking, baking, or in their protein shake.

The powders are often purchased once a customer knows it's exactly what they're looking for because they contain right around 100 servings per container. That's A LOT of supplement if you aren't sure it's what you want, however if you know you'll use it up, it's an excellent savings vs the capsules.

As far as differences in what's actually inside is very minimal. All of KOS functional ingredients contain 100% of the purest form of that specific supplement (i.e. KOS Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder is 100% Ashwagandha Root with absolutely zero added ingredients, vitamins/minerals, fillers, sweeteners, etc.). Most of our capsules are exactly the same, however we have included nutrition labels on each individual supplement page as some of them do contain extra ingredients. Our Turmeric capsules, for example, contain turmeric, black pepper, and boswelia extract (indian frankincense), so they aren't just 100% turmeric.

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