How do I track a habit?


Any prescribed habit will simply appear on their "Things to do today" section on your Dash, or on your Calendar for the prescribed days.


Tap on the habit to open and then tap Complete when you want to mark it as done. 



Tracking habits with the mobile app and Apple Watch app

With habits, repetition and ease of tracking is key to ensure you form a new habit. It is critical that you track habits on the spot, as soon as you complete them. As such, habit tracking is available to you via the mobile app and the Apple Watch app. 


Starting a winning streak

A winning streak (or “streak” for short) is when you complete a scheduled habit for 2 or more days in a row. To count toward a streak, a habit must be marked as completed by noon on the day after it was scheduled. You can create winning streak for each habit assigned to you and added to your calendar.


Milestones and Achievement Badges

As your streak continues to grow, you will receive special badges at various milestones. When you hit a milestone, immediately after marking a habit as completed, you will see a summary screen awarding you with a badge with a special congratulatory message and information about the next milestone you're aiming for.


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