How to sync wearable data from your Apple Watch


Using version 7.0 or higher of the iOS mobile app can sync wearable data from their Apple Watch and use the Apple Watch app by enabling the Apple Watch integration.

To sync data from an Apple Watch, connect your Apple Health app. This will allow you to share wearable data like daily caloric burn, steps, sleep and more automatically. Take a look below to see the steps to properly connect and start syncing wearable data. 

1. Click the More section (three dots menu icon) at the bottom right of the screen on the mobile app, scroll down to Apple Health and then tap Connect. 

2. Tap on Turn All Categories On and then hit Allow at the top right.

3. Will now be taken back to the connect page and receive a confirmation.  **If for any reason this stops tracking within the app, check here to see if they are still connected or ON and that the integration is still set up in the KOS app.

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